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What is BDSM? Well, that is a question as old as the hills. Ask a vanilla person what they think BDSM is and they will more than likely come back with “tying a guy to a cross and whipping his penis while calling him a naughty boy”. And while this is in part true, the reality is much more complex.

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BDSM stands for bondage, domination, sadism masochistic and is essentially the umbrella of which the giving and receiving and pain comes under. Between consenting parties, it can be broken down into two different categories. As an erotic experience to spice up a love life or as an act between a dominant and a submissive where one dominates and controls the other. Either the man dominates the woman or vice versa.

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For the erotic side of BDSM, it will usually be between a couple who indulge in some light bondage and teasing. There will usually not be any pain inflicted if any, and it is a mutually enjoyable experience for both parties.

It can be something simple like one tying the other to the bed with furry handcuffs, belts or rope and then dripping and rubbing ice cubes all over the tied parties naked body. Fondling and stroking them to heighten the pleasure. It can also take the form of a little light spanking or flagellation.

Sometimes it can take the shape of using other corporal punishment and degrading language to further the session. But as it is a sexual aphrodisiac between two loving partners, it is extremely mild and the concept of inflicting pain for pleasure is a powerful tool that couples can use and if both adults are “in to it” then it will heighten the sexual pleasure to almost limitless levels and produce a highly satisfying result for both parties. Check out big tit Cams for more erotic teasing


The other side of the coin is the art of BDSM by a full dominant and a full submissive. Rather than the erotic BDSM side where it is more than likely the top and bottom will switch from being in control to not, with this, there is only one top and one bottom and it stays like that. In almost all cases (but not all) it will be a female dominant and a male sub.

For submissive males, the act of submitting and being controlled by a woman is something that has been with them throughout their whole life. With women seen as the “fairer” sex, it is incredibly erotic to have a female tower over them and dominate them by bossing them about, calling them names and tying them up and abusing them. Check out the kinky chat rooms

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In these cases, the pain is usually stepped up a gear (although this varies from session to session and although submissive, the bottom will usually dictate how strong the pain infliction will be) and while a vanilla person might not understand, for a submissive, receiving this hurt turns them on and is an essential part of their sex life.

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There are many different areas of S & M and it is impossible to list them all. It varies from cock and ball torture where the male’s penis is abused to boot licking, ass worship or heel worship. It might be forced cross-dressing or if the male has a tiny cock then some guys like to be humiliated and insulted by it. sites like chat avenue for kink  View  and get to know some of our Mistresses in the femdom cams section

The most common insult submissive men like to hear is a dominant woman ridiculing their sexual prowess and telling them they are incapable of satisfying a woman.

There are two ways men can be dominated by females. The first is by visiting a live dominatrix in a “dungeon” where they can be dominated in a real-time session. the other, more common, the way is via online female domination webcam sites on the internet.

On these sites, you can find hundreds of dominant females on cam who can cover almost every aspect of BDSM and create a session of femdom that can satisfy guys desires and fantasies.

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If you are a submissive male then you need regular discipline and guidance from a superior and powerful woman. And one of the best things about live femdom cams is the ability to have online interaction with dominant females who will talk to you about any feelings you have and fantasies running through your head about BDSM or femdom.

There are dozens of strong, dominant women available for online BDSM webcam chat and no matter what area of s & m it is that interests you then you will be guaranteed to find a female on here who can take all your fantasies and your desires and talk to you about them and tell you how a session would go and all the things she would do to you.

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There are plenty of slaves and submissive men out there who do not want to actively participate in a BDSM session on cam but they have strong sub feelings and a powerful need to serve a woman. So they log on to a female domination cam site and chat with one of the Mistresses on there about whatever it is that turns them on.


Be it sissy maid humiliation or online chastity keyholding or cock and ball torture or even cuckolding there is no limit to the depths of the imagination of the dommes online at this site. They know exactly how to word things and talk you through all the things that they love to do to slaves and the things they make them do.

The imagination is so powerful that even if you do not want to perform anything live on cams, even to be able to talk about it can be more than enough for lots of guys.

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They use them to get what they want, they know you become addicted to their huge juicy juggs and they continue to use them to their own advantage. It’s a power game a game of strength where the femdom will always win because the male slave is always too weak and he knows he has to obey her tits make him do anything she wants.

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She pushes them in his face and says you can’t have these but I know they make you hard, I know they make you weak and I know you are addicted, slave. Yes, the weak slave is now in deep and he has no way out he must obey everything she says to him.

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Mistresses won’t hold back when it comes to dishing out the dirt on you, using blackmail, or caning or tease and denial you are their little toy to do as they want with, they will use you abuse you and throw you to the side when they are finished with you. It’s time to submit and admit that you are now an owned and collared BDSM slave

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