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Are you ready to have your cock and balls suffer for us? Are you prepared for us to torture your useless junk and to cause your eyes to water and to get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as your balls get beaten? If so, then step into the world of ballbusting cams where dozens of hardcore and sadistic man-hating Dominatrix are waiting to take out all their anger, frustration and hatred on the cock and balls of useless male subs.

ballbusting cams

As a pathetic excuse for a male, there is no real reason you would need your balls and dick. So its only real purpose is as a plaything for a superior and powerful woman to torture. And on this site, there are plenty of Dommes ready and willing to do just that. Dozens of strict, cold-hearted bitches who will make you rub deep heat on your penis, whack your balls with a spatula, tie shoestrings tightly around your shaft or slam them in a door. Whatever these Queens order you to do in live femdom cam, you will do because if you do not then the torture will just get worse and worse till you learn.

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Ballbusting webcam sites are full to bursting with Mistresses who love to use and abuse the privates of inferior males. Nothing gives them greater pleasure than to see you doubled up in pain, groaning pathetically. Their cold, sadistic laugh will echo through your HD webcams and these female dominants online will revel in your pleads for mercy and your pathetic begging. Check out the kinky chat rooms here

There is no escape once these mean bitches get started. The more pain you are in, the happier and more pleased they are. And as a male creature, your only purpose in life is to keep a superior woman pleased.

So prepare your self for unimaginable pain and step into a ballbusting webcam session with one of these strict mistresses who will torture your most precious commodity for all they are worth.

Kinky Fetish Chat Rooms

Fetish Cams

 No matter what it is in the world, there is someone somewhere who has a fetish for it. From the more popular things like tits, smoking, legs and ass to slightly rarer such as leather, PVC or tattoos to the truth out there such as tiny tits, fingernails or earrings, there is always someone who gets turned on by it.

Sexy female wearing tight jeans in our fetish chat rooms

And whatever your fetish is, the best place to have that itch scratched is by using online fetish webcams where you will find dozens upon dozens of sexy, gorgeous women who will do their utmost to satisfy any and all fetishes you have.

Do not spend your time trawling through pictures or trying to watch women in public without getting caught. If you have a strong fetish that you want to be fulfilled, log on to a live webcam site and let the girls there do it for you. Not only do they not mind if you wank off to them, they actually WANT you too! Whatever it is, they can fix it for you. Find A Strict Mistress here


All the women on these fetish cams sites are solid experts in the art of giving men what they want and making sure that if someone has a fetish for something, they know exactly how to go about giving them the time of their life. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Whatever you like will be done. Ready for  cruel ballbusting on webcam/ we will kick your balls hard and listen to you beg for mercy loser

No fetish is too weird, bizarre or kinky for these chicks. Use the free fetish cam chat facility to talk to your babe and tell her exactly what you like without being charged. That’s right, you can tell her exactly what gets you going without running up a bill and then when you enter the private 1 to 1 session, she will already be dressed exactly the way you like and you only get charged for the good stuff. It is a win-win!

Sexy feet I have to say is probably the most popular one of them all as people just seem to love feet and can not get enough of them. The thought of them all over your face or licking them, sniffing them or rubbing your cock against them is enough to drive any guy hot and hard so I have to write a little more about this particular fetish as it is always the one asked about on a daily basis by most fetishists. Get ready to meet hot women on fetish webcam who enjoy all types of kink and dirty fetish play

kinky bdsm girls

I do like painting my toenails and then coming on webcam and pointing them directly at the camera and moving them around, I see the members cock get hard instantly and I know straight away he wants to lick my soles and suck my little toes. Well, who can blame him really I do have some sexy ones and I am a sucker for keeping them pretty to look at at all times. Kinky dominatrix for controlling, blowing smoke and ruling you. Our dominatrix cams are full of sadistic, take no nonsense type of women


Oh yes i will lick my sexy feet and I will enjoy tasting them, sniffing them and rubbing my smooth hands all over them bu ti have to admit I do like it when someone else pampers them for me, nothing beats someone rubbing and massaging them to make me feel better after a hard days work standing in heels all day and being a pantyhose girls my feet start to sweat so you can imagine just how tasty they are going to be by the time I get home and get them in your mouth

body worship webcams


I never hold back when it comes to sexy footjobs and having you between my feet like this and knowing how much it turns you on — well that just turns me on to! Some people have a fetish about living out a whole different type of fantasy which could involve transsexuals, being made to suck one off, or being dressed and pimped out as one. If this is something you want to test the water with then be sure to check the shemale cams section

So if you think you can handle having a session with women who just love to talk all things fetish and feet and you want to see what all the fuss is about and why I love to compete in competitions for the best tootsies online then head on over and see for yourself right now

Hot strict women Online

The idea of strict women taking control of our sexual needs can be an amazing turn on to some of us guys, but what about one who is in real life a right mean bitch? One who could not care less about you and uses you for only money and entertainment or sexual purposes?

fetish webcams, femdom cams


Yes, we have these types of women online right now waiting to show you how nasty they can actually be and to degrade and humiliate you in an open session is what gives them great pleasure. Get ready to meet our evil bitches online now. They dress up in fetish clothes like PVC and tease you to the brink of no way back, they show no mercy and laugh in your face as you beg them to stop.

Enter into their live dungeons and see for yourself just how cruel these online bitches can really be when it comes to being in control of weak unsuspecting useless slaves

Strict Mistress Cams

Live femdom cams featuring our top mean ladies who love to take full control and ownership of weak men. Are you ready to be owned? are you ready to be abused? Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to lick our boots slave. Your job is to please us, entertain us, keep us happy and most importantly obeying us at all times.Find more kinky cams here

When you are ready to start your life and journey into BDSM webcam training, where our Mistresses are in their own dungeons waiting to show you their equipment they would use if they were to meet you for a live session. When we say that we mean a real-time session, but at the moment you will become our cam slave and do everything that you are told.Fetish cams here for all your kinky needs

dominant mistress, domination chat rooms

We love abusing and humiliating sissy girls and weak gimps, the whole domination is a huge turn on to us Mistresses as we enjoy every aspect of power, and as all femdoms will tell you when we take control we love to ensure we get everything our way and our way only. Get ready to be controlled by our live domina cams

So  What is bdsm?  the video below will explain that in full

There are dozens of harsh and sadistic Mistresses available for live BDSM webcam chat now. They can answer any questions you have and take you to heights of ecstasy you never thought possible.


Tease And Denial

Tease and denial Cams

To be teased by a sexy female is enough to drive any man crazy but to be teased by a Mistress who just will not allow you the relief at the end is an absolute nightmare scenario to be in, but yet I find myself craving this more and more every day. Being told to wank as she teases me with tiny panties and a sexy bra and all the while my cock is raising desperately to get closer, to touch to play with.

tease and denial


These ruthless women love teasing and controlling and manipulating weak men who will do anything to be able to wank hard. When you enter into our free Royal BDSM cams .com you will quickly see just how sexy some of our females are but straight away you will notice how strict they are and how they just never smile or make you feel comfortable.

tease and denial cams

They mean business and them sexy outfits they have on for the whole tease and denial cam sessions is enough to make any guy crawl on the floor begging and pleading for them to allow us to please “touch our cocks” Usually the stern reply is no she won’t allow this, she laughs at us, spanks us and continues to rub her pussy and play with her tits as we can only watch and drool. Ready to view our Strict Mistress cams with cock and ball torture

These women demand you get naked and stand in front of your webcam so they can inspect your little willy they want to laugh at you, “I bet it’s tiny, I bet you never have sex” She taunts us and she knows how desperate we are now.


We want to cum but yet she continues with her tease and denial cam shows, her laughing and humiliating us. Telling us about her sexual relationships with other men, how she loves big cocks and how she loves to be touched by a man.

She continues to laugh and taunt us, she is really getting off knowing how we would do anything just to be able to wank and jizz and yet she continues with the denial. She even threatens us with a chastity device, she says ” she will lock that little thing away for weeks”  she won’t ever let you cum, she put you on a slave contract for months which includes not being allowed to wank or touch our cocks. More Live Mistress Chat Rooms here. Ready for some ballbusting with  females who love to kick you hard in the balls then be sure to check out our ballbusting page

Our cocks now belong to the Mistress, she decided what we do, when we wank, when we can touch it, we are the sex toys the puppets.

Cock &Ball Torture

h1 style=”text-align: center;”>Ball Busting on Webcam

Ready to have they balls stood on, kicked, slapped, twisted? Our strict Mistresses enjoy every aspect of ballbusting and cock and ball torture. If you think you can handle mean bitches pinning you down, handcuffing you and inflicting pain on to your genitals then make sure to enter the live free rooms now. We have cruel women who enjoy watching weak men suffer. If you are ready to step inside and begin this painful journey into manipulation, submission and control then enter now.


tease and denial cams, bdsm cams , cock and ball torture


Our mistresses enjoy every aspect of cbt and watching you squirm and listening to your pathetic moaning every time she grabs they balls tight in her hands and twists them around and then takes her bare hand and slaps them hard using her hand or a whip or a flip-flop, no matter what way she does it you will feel the pain and you will know who is in charge.

She will laugh as she watches you worried about your demise and what will happen next to you. Kinky femdom cams here if you are ready to be crushed and stood on this is why we enjoy ballbusting and torturing your balls

cbt, cock and ball torture

Putting pins or pegs on your cock and balls, dripping hot candle wax all over them, making you rub deep heat, toothpaste or other items all over so you feel all the different sensations. The ultimate in ballbusting cams heartless bitches are ready now. You can also check out our Tease and Denial cams

These are cruel women who like to abuse weak men like you, weak sissy sluts like you, little bitches who need to be under a slave contract and owned by a ruthless female who really has no feelings for useless men. You can also view our tease and denial cams The best bdsm chat rooms are always available to those who need to be trained and owned

You will be naked at all times, if you get aroused at all you will be forced into a chastity device and not allowed to even touch that cock for weeks. Be ready for real evil mean bitches who want to just rip you apart bit by bit and watch you suffer.

You can also check out our kinky shemale cams where we have hundreds of fetish Trannies waiting to control weak slaves and sissy girls, they will crush your balls and degrade you, tie that cock and balls up as well as sticking pins and sounds in it

cock and ball torture

Financial Domination

Financial Domination Mistress

Ready to open your wallet, get your credit cards out and pay for the honour of serving a superior female? To be drained, used and abused before being discarded like a piece of used trash? You better be because this femdom webcam site has hundreds of live mistresses who only see you as a cash cow.

A walking wallet or human atm. They have no use for the likes of you except to take and spend your money.

financial domination cams, findomme
Most male subs are so unbelievably useless or disgusting that they have no real use for a Mistress in ways to serve her. She’s not going to want them touching her for boot, ass or leg worship and they are too useless to serve but there is still another way for them to get her attention.

Financial domination. You can pay for her attention. If you are the type of loser who women laugh at or just ignore completely then this is a chance for you to have a gorgeous woman at least acknowledge you but be warned. It will not be cheap and any cruel Mistress on here will take every cent you have but for the likes of you, it’s worth it.Are you ready to meet some of these sadistic, evil, twisted Dominatrixes?

Then enter our Mistress chat areas and see just how manipulative, draining and devious they really are. These are dominas who enjoy power, they even dress you up and send you to the shemale cams  section  and make you pay for sex when they know this  is something you would never want to do


findoome financial domination Mistress
Findom can work one of two ways. Either you pay a set amount every month or you are at your Dommes beck and call and must either send money to her whenever she texts or calls to demand it. Either way, you better be ready to cough up the dough.
Once you have chosen a Mistress to serve, she will get all your details of your income and expenditure and work out how much you will be paying. If what you have left isn’t enough to satisfy her then she will go through your expenditure to see where you can cut corners.

– Car? Gone. Take the bus
– Food? Cut back. Beans on toast and water is fine for you
– Clothing? Go to second-hand stores
– Morning coffee? Forget it. Drink tap water
– Cable tv? Cancel it. You’ll be too busy working to earn for Mistress to watch tv
– Nights out? Ha. Good one. Gone. Your nights will be filled with spending on her
– Heating? Turn it off and wear an extra jumper
– Electric? The bare minimum only then use candlelight

These are just a few ways she will fuck with your life to get what she is owed but rest assured it will not be it all. Each findom mistress on this site has it down to a fine art when it comes to wringing every last cent out of wretches like you. Even if you have to work two or even three jobs, you WILL gather every single penny they demand of you.We have hundreds of live bdsm cams on at any time of the day or night with engaging webcam hosts ready to get you off live

Financial domination often works toe to toe with blackmail scenarios and since these are some of the most ruthless manipulatrix on the planet, they will get inside your head with incredible ease and garner all your dirty secrets and nasty thoughts as well as all sorts of personal information that they will then use against you. Nothing is safe and they will get the names, addresses and phone numbers of your friends, family and co-workers and store it all in a book to be used if you ever fail to send her the cash.

The Power of a Findomme

One of the biggest torments for financial slavery suffers is what their Dominatrix spends the money on and these online Dominas are no different in that they will spend the money you sacrifice so much for and fritter it away.

Expensive shoes they only wear once, jewellery they toss in a drawer, clothes they don’t need or expensive meals they pick at and barely eat. All these while you go without. A particular favourite of all Mistresses though is making their fin subs buy expensive lingerie for their real men lovers.

Their boyfriends and husbands are real men and deserve to see these gorgeous women in sexy lingerie but why should they have to buy it when there is a little waste of space like you crawling around the wings with a credit card?

She will make you make online purchases for lingerie she knows her lovers will like to see her in and then torment you by dangling it in front of you and laughing as she gloats that you just spent a fortune on sexy underwear that you will NEVER see her in but that another man gets to enjoy.

There are hundreds of Live Mistress cams dommes online at this site, of every kind you could fantasise of serving. Blond, brunette, redhead, tall, short, BBW, teen, milf, granny, white, black and even shemale Mistresses. This site is jammed with Dominant females from all four corners of the word and they all want only one thing from you. Your money.

Cold hard cash to get your hand off your dick and stop wanking to her pictures. Join this site now and make yourself at least partially used to a woman. Get ready to see an empty bank account with nothing to show for it because you are nothing but a pay pig-human atm and when these dominas look at you all they see is a big dollar sign.

Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckold Domination On Cam

Ready for cuckold humiliation at the hands of a gorgeous Mistress or Princess that you lust after but will never have? To have her laugh at your tiny cock and ridicule your crap sexual performances?cuckold cams, cuckold humiliation


To suck and fuck a real man right in front of you and make you watch? If so then enter now. For this femdom, webcam site has hundreds of live Mistresses who would never have sex with a loser like you in a million years but know how much you want them and they love to torment you by making you watch them with real men and laughing at you as you look on in despair.

Some men just plain suck when it comes to sex. Either their dick is too small or they are a fumbling, sweaty mess that manages two bumps and a squirt and leaves any woman unlucky enough to be with them feeling unsatisfied. If you are one such miserable excuse for a male then this is the right website for you to visit.

cuckold cams

On here there are dozens of dominant females and superior women who live to ridicule and humiliate inferior male creatures like you.
There are females of every description on here and using the search facility you can narrow it down to your ideal dream woman. Blonde, brunette, bbw, teen, milf, black, Asian, white, you name it, she is on here but that is as far as it goes for you.

More – Live fetish chat areas for all types of humiliation

You won’t be getting any sex action from her. No live cam sex shows and her sucking your cock. Oh no, not for the likes of you. All you’ll get is either her rolling her eyes and a bored look on her face as you enter or hearing her cackling, mocking laughter as she sees your pathetic excuse for a cock.

Cruel Mistresses Degrade Cuckolds Live

These hot babes know you could NEVER land a woman like them and even worse for you is the fact that you know it too. They know how much you lust after them and would give anything to have sex with them or have them suck your cock but it will never happen. They need and want real men. Men with big, thick, powerful dicks that can stretch their pussy and fill their mouth as they gobble on it. Men with big strong arms and fantastic bodies. That isn’t you.

You are NOTHING to them. A piece of shit fit only to kneel in the corner and watch as the woman you lust after fucks another man and the dommes on this cuckold cam site will treat you just like that. They will lock your stub in a chastity cage and tease you mercilessly and make you wear it as you watch them, unable to cum

There are a few ways a cuckold webcams show can unfold. The first way is by her verbally abusing you. Making you stand naked in front of her as she doles out small penis humiliation, wiggles her pinky at you and mocks you of how you cant get satisfy a woman.

These Mistresses really know how to kick a man where it hurts and they will be absolutely ruthless when it comes to giving you verbal degradation. They never hold back or think something is too much. Maybe they will also make you sit and wank with two fingers as they howl with laughter? She will flaunt her cleavage or ass at you and giggle as she tells you in no uncertain terms you will NEVER touch them. Well, maybe her backside when you’re kissing it.

cuckold webcam chats

The second way a cuck on web cam session can go is by you forced to watch her pleasure herself. Knowing how much wanting her drives you crazy, she will get enormous pleasure from forcing you to kneel or sit and watch as she spreads her legs and fucks herself with a dildo or vibrator.This is what you will encounter in our bdsm cams rooms

Playing with the tits you’d kill to play with and grunting as she fucks herself hard while she makes you sit and watch. She will no doubt throw in some mocking insults aimed at you.

About your small dick and how a fake plastic one is better. Of how you will never get what the dildo is getting. It will be hell for you but oh so much fun for her.

The third way is for her to bring her real man lover to your session and make you watch her give him a blowjob and fucking him. Looking you mockingly in the eye with a smirk on her face as she takes his cock in her mouth and laughing at the crestfallen look on your face as she bends over and gets taken doggy style right in front of you. They will both insult you and laugh at you as they fuck and they will make sure you know how little they think of you as you watch a real man satisfy the woman you can only dream of.We have hundreds of these women online in the mistress chat area

Use the free cam chat area to explain what kind of session you are looking for. You can be as descriptive as possible and this will make the private session flow much smoother. There are dozens of hot, gorgeous and unattainable women online right now and they are waiting to insult and cuckold you.


They will leave you in no uncertain terms of your position in life and just how much of an insult you are to be called male. They will mock you about their sex lives with real men and laugh at you as tears form in your eyes.
Since you are no use to women when it comes to sex, make yourself useful by becoming a cuck to these female domination experts. Join this site now and become a cuck to a superior goddess.