Financial Domination

Financial Domination Mistress

Ready to open your wallet, get your credit cards out and pay for the honour of serving a superior female? To be drained, used and abused before being discarded like a piece of used trash? You better be because this femdom webcam site has hundreds of live mistresses who only see you as a cash cow.

A walking wallet or human atm. They have no use for the likes of you except to take and spend your money.

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Most male subs are so unbelievably useless or disgusting that they have no real use for a Mistress in ways to serve her. She’s not going to want them touching her for boot, ass or leg worship and they are too useless to serve but there is still another way for them to get her attention.

Financial domination. You can pay for her attention. If you are the type of loser who women laugh at or just ignore completely then this is a chance for you to have a gorgeous woman at least acknowledge you but be warned. It will not be cheap and any cruel Mistress on here will take every cent you have but for the likes of you, it’s worth it.Are you ready to meet some of these sadistic, evil, twisted Dominatrixes?

Then enter our Mistress chat areas and see just how manipulative, draining and devious they really are. These are dominas who enjoy power, they even dress you up and send you to the shemale cams  section  and make you pay for sex when they know this  is something you would never want to do


findoome financial domination Mistress
Findom can work one of two ways. Either you pay a set amount every month or you are at your Dommes beck and call and must either send money to her whenever she texts or calls to demand it. Either way, you better be ready to cough up the dough.
Once you have chosen a Mistress to serve, she will get all your details of your income and expenditure and work out how much you will be paying. If what you have left isn’t enough to satisfy her then she will go through your expenditure to see where you can cut corners.

– Car? Gone. Take the bus
– Food? Cut back. Beans on toast and water is fine for you
– Clothing? Go to second-hand stores
– Morning coffee? Forget it. Drink tap water
– Cable tv? Cancel it. You’ll be too busy working to earn for Mistress to watch tv
– Nights out? Ha. Good one. Gone. Your nights will be filled with spending on her
– Heating? Turn it off and wear an extra jumper
– Electric? The bare minimum only then use candlelight

These are just a few ways she will fuck with your life to get what she is owed but rest assured it will not be it all. Each findom mistress on this site has it down to a fine art when it comes to wringing every last cent out of wretches like you. Even if you have to work two or even three jobs, you WILL gather every single penny they demand of you.We have hundreds of live bdsm cams on at any time of the day or night with engaging webcam hosts ready to get you off live

Financial domination often works toe to toe with blackmail scenarios and since these are some of the most ruthless manipulatrix on the planet, they will get inside your head with incredible ease and garner all your dirty secrets and nasty thoughts as well as all sorts of personal information that they will then use against you. Nothing is safe and they will get the names, addresses and phone numbers of your friends, family and co-workers and store it all in a book to be used if you ever fail to send her the cash.

The Power of a Findomme

One of the biggest torments for financial slavery suffers is what their Dominatrix spends the money on and these online Dominas are no different in that they will spend the money you sacrifice so much for and fritter it away.

Expensive shoes they only wear once, jewellery they toss in a drawer, clothes they don’t need or expensive meals they pick at and barely eat. All these while you go without. A particular favourite of all Mistresses though is making their fin subs buy expensive lingerie for their real men lovers.

Their boyfriends and husbands are real men and deserve to see these gorgeous women in sexy lingerie but why should they have to buy it when there is a little waste of space like you crawling around the wings with a credit card?

She will make you make online purchases for lingerie she knows her lovers will like to see her in and then torment you by dangling it in front of you and laughing as she gloats that you just spent a fortune on sexy underwear that you will NEVER see her in but that another man gets to enjoy.

There are hundreds of Live Mistress cams dommes online at this site, of every kind you could fantasise of serving. Blond, brunette, redhead, tall, short, BBW, teen, milf, granny, white, black and even shemale Mistresses. This site is jammed with Dominant females from all four corners of the word and they all want only one thing from you. Your money.

Cold hard cash to get your hand off your dick and stop wanking to her pictures. Join this site now and make yourself at least partially used to a woman. Get ready to see an empty bank account with nothing to show for it because you are nothing but a pay pig-human atm and when these dominas look at you all they see is a big dollar sign.

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