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If you have a fantasy in your head and enjoy fetishes then be sure to check out our live online fetish cams which are full of females who enjoy all types of fantasy and role play. No matter what the fetish our live fetish cams are full of girls who love to test out new ideas and scenarios.

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They enjoy smoking, feet, high heels, latex and leather. Read on and learn more about our live online fetish cams and see for yourself just how hot and horny these live rooms can be

So what kind of live Fetish cams are available?

We have cam hosts who enjoy all types of fetish cams and the ones listed below are the most popular requests that a host gets asked for on a daily basis, however, anything can be a fetish if it brings you sexual pleasure and gets you off. So no matter what your fantasy or naughty secret is you can be assured our cam hosts will be up for it and waiting to carry it out for you live online right now

  1. Smoking fetish cam chats
  2. Sexy feet – licking, rubbing and sniffing
  3. High heels – Boots and shoes
  4. Trainers – Usually smelly and sweaty
  5. Socks, pantyhose and panties
  6. Belly buttons – other body parts like tongue, arm and legs
  7. Latex, leather and PVC
  8. Satin and silk is another popular fetish request in our live cam rooms
  9. Spit and face slapping
  10. Giantess fetish
  11. Nails long
  12. Hairy women  – legs, arms, pussy etc

These are just some of the most popular types of fetishes requested but do check the girls online profile as she may very well have a live fetish that she will be more than happy to do for you, but she has not had enough space on her profile to write it. It’s always best to enter the free chat area and have a chat with your chosen girl and explain to her what exactly it is you are looking for. Check out the masturbation cams here



All of our girls enjoy fetish play and exploring new live fetishes every day they enjoy discussing it and making your fantasy come true. You may have a roleplay and want to watch as she carries that out for you, you may have a fantasy or a wicked secret, no matter what is on your mind you can be assured that our cam hosts will be up for trying it out for you. They want to see you leave their live online cam show with a smile on your face.

                                    Live foot fetish cams

Sexy Amanda with her gorgeous feet waiting to have some kinky cam sex with you now. If you want to see her live then just enter the rooms and begin watching as she gets you hot and kinky right now, she loves to slide her boyfriend’s cock between her feet and give him the most amazing footjob, watching him cum all over her feet is a huge turn on for her.


Gorgeous Monica loves smoking and blowing it directly at the camera, get ready to be hypnotized by this busty fetish cam girl who enjoys teasing and taking long drags of her ciggy. This hot lady also enjoys french inhales, thick smoke and talking dirty as she blows that smoke directly at you.No matter if you are a fetishist that just likes to watch a hot sexy girl smoking, or if you are a weak slave who wants to become her human ashtray then girls are live and waiting with loads of cigarettes and cigars to tease you to the brink of explosion.

They may incorporate

  • Stripping and smoking to drive you crazy
  • Making themselves orgasm and denying you the pleasure
  • Phone sex so they can describe the thing in detail and you can hear them moan
  • Wearing costumes and outfits

The Live Fetish cam section is one of the busiest on any cam site because there are just so many different types of sexual fetishes out there and exploring and testing them out is always a fun way to see how far you can go with it. You may even decide that you want to explore a new type as well as incorporating your old one, playing with this can be a real thrill and exciting, especially if the cam model is joining and getting off on it as well. You can keep up to date with our femdom cams here