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A place where losers meet their Mistresses. Calling all worthless excuses for men, all pathetic and useless males and anyone who is inferior to others in every possible way. Your presence is required here, where there are dozens of live dominatrix webcam Dominas who are ready to humiliate and degrade you.

As a subservient, you are unworthy of respect and as such, you are required to enter this online femdom cams site and discuss your requirement to be humiliated by a superior Goddess. The best humiliation phone sex

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There is an insurmountable amount of live dominas on here right now, and each one can think of newer and fresher ways to humiliate their slaves than the last. The experience they have means they can always come up with new and inventive humiliation techniques to inflict on their hapless slaves.

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Enter this humiliation chat room and you can choose from any number of strict dominas and mean bitches online who are all available to discuss your humiliation and degradation in uncensored, unhindered and unedited 1 to 1 live video chat.

These Domina’s love nothing more than having a 121 conversation in a cam to cam sex chat with a lesser male specimen like you and telling you in great, minute detail all the humiliating things they would make you do and in turn, they enjoy hearing from you about all the things you fantasise about or have had done to you in the past.

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It is easy for those who don’t live a femdom lifestyle and only partake in sessions sporadically to let things get stale and repetitive.

This is where these types of cam rooms come into their own because there is always an online dominatrix who can come up with new, fresh and exciting ideas that will always make each and every session feel new and they can always come up with things that will keep you on your toes!

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For starters, the most popular is femdom 101, small penis humiliation (or sph for short). Your so-called cock is no use to any woman. You couldn’t satisfy anyone with it and she will make sure you know it.

Ridiculing it, pointing and laughing at it, calling it names like maggot dick, tiny cock, baby penis and calling you a small dicked loser as well as making you measure it against chipolatas, AA batteries and your own little pinkie finger. Check out sites like mistresscamchat  for humiliation

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She might also humiliate you by telling you about all the real men with proper big cocks she has sucked off and fucked, knowing how much it kills you that you have no chance with her.get

Or how about forced feminization? You can discuss how she would force you into sissy panties, stockings, high heels, short skirt or maids outfit, wig and makeup and then make you parade around, shaking your ass and forcing you to practise your proper curtsy till you do it like a proper woman. Check out the skype humiliation cams

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Nothing humiliates a heterosexual man more than taking a cock up his ass so why wouldn’t she make you listen as she recounts in excruciating detail how she would bend you over, lube up a strap on and then fuck your ass hard with it. She will talk you through how you will squeal like a stuck pig and keep pounding your ass till you learn to love it.

Or what about chastity humiliation? Locking your cock in a cage and making you beg for relief?

Keeping you frustrated and making you obey her every command for fear of being kept locked up with no release. Chastity works well alongside cuckolding and you get 2 humiliations for the price of 1!

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Many men have a diaper fetish and if you are one such type then the Dommes here are well versed in all manners of it. OF making you wear an adult diaper, treating you like an adult baby and of scolding you if you make a mess in it.

A grown man wearing a nappy is an excruciatingly humiliating act and you can discuss your fate with it on here.

These are just a few examples of humiliating acts but there are countless more. You may have a fantasy of being degraded with one of the above examples or at least a variation of it, or you might have something totally different in mind.

Either way, if you wish to discuss it in detail with a Dominatrix then this is the right place for you.

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There is never a shortage of Dommes available no matter the time of day or night and they all enjoy a humiliation chat room session.

Humiliating their slaves is a huge power trip for them and as naturally dominant women who rightfully see female as the superior sex, they also get off on making bugs as you squirm, make your cheeks glow red with shame and cause you as much embarrassment as possible purely for their own amusement.

An endless choice of Mistresses await you now and they are all desperate to get their claws into an inferior male cockroach like you.

Nothing makes them happier than when they are discussing all the ways in which they would humiliate and degrade you till you are a quivering wreck that does everything he is told no matter how degrading so join up to the site now and enter a humiliation webcam chat room

Sissy Karen – with her cock in the yoghurt pot, then made to worship Mistresses boot – Verbal humiliation video


Perhaps Mistress will demand you wank yourself dry, and force masturbation on you or give you masturbation instructions as she takes pictures & videos to add to her blogs. These kinky female dominants enjoy masturbation instructions on cam with ruined orgasms, edgeplay, cum eating instructions and so much more.

If you are ready to enter into our world of humiliation and you are ready to see just how cruel our girls can be when deciding your fate, whether it is spitting in your face, peeing in your mouth, using you as a human toilet, ashtray or bleeding you dry in financial domination cams session, you are sure to find out just how much they enjoy verbal communications with you.

Name-calling for them is a must from loser to wimp  to slut & whore these women enjoy watching you squirm


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My Mistress truly enjoys entertainment and being in control of all that is humiliating. if you need to be humiliated by a femdom then step inside the live webcam rooms and begin your journey with mean bitches who love to push buttons and make you feel so worthless

You are grossly inferior to these dominant women. You have no place in their life except to be an amusement to them. To be their plaything. Their toy to use and humiliate for their own personal amusement.

Each and every one of the cruel and heartless Dominas online at this site here has a twisted imagination and a wicked sense of fun that can only mean untold misery for you. They enjoy humiliating and degrading their slaves in all manner of inventive and twisted ways.

Talk of humiliation and most people think being on all fours and kissing her feet. Well after ten minutes in the presence of these cruel Dommes you will be dreaming of kissing her feet. That will be a picnic compared to what they will be doing to you, or making you do.

Your cheeks will turn red with shame and you will be desperate for the ground to open up and swallow you whole as your Mistress laughs and giggles at you as you debase yourself for no other reason than she wants to have fun at your expense.

You are nothing to her but her entertainment. She enjoys your shame and embarrassment. Get used to it, because a hot Goddess like this won’t bother with the likes of you without it