10 Qualities Needed For A Mistress

Our Top 10 Qualities To Being A Great Femdom/Mistress

How To Be A Mistress/Dominatrix/Femdom – What is needed – skills, Personality, Techniques

1)  Control Above all other characteristics, a good  Mistress will always be in control of herself and the session.

She will never rant or rave at her submissive, and will never punish if she herself is angry.

On the rare occasion that her temper may overwhelm her, she will simply step away from the situation until she regains her inner balance.

An unbalanced Mistress is a dangerous Mistress, and until she can control herself and her temper, she will never be effective in controlling her submissive.

2) creativity good Mistress puts a lot of time, thought, creativity and energy into her sessions and assignments.

She will never be satisfied enacting the same scene over and over, as she will never be satisfied just handing out the same assignments to her subs. Chat with Uk Mistress Live Here


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Each sub is different and unique, as each Mistress is different and unique in her own way.

That is why it is so important to carefully choose your Mistress.  A good and creative Mistress will go the extra mile to create and craft sessions that are always specifically tailored to each sub and their special wants, needs and desires obtained from their sessions.- Check out our Live Fetish Cams

3)  She is Human A good Mistress realizes that she is also human.  She realizes that time and time again she will make mistakes, just as her subs will make mistakes.

But a good Mistress is also expedient with her apology when she does make a mistake.

Why can she make a mistake and apologize you ask?  Well, a  good Mistress realizes that she will not be thought of any less authoritatively because of an apology.

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She will always be the D in the D/s relationship.  But on the flip side of the situation,  a good Mistress realizes that her subs will also make mistakes.

So, even though she hands out punishment for subs mistakes, she will accept their apology and forgive quickly, and graciously put the event in the past and never hold a grudge.

4)  Techniques of the Trade A good Mistress is always working and learning to perfect her session techniques.

She reads and studies and converses with other highly experienced Mistresses in the lifestyle.

She has expert knowledge of her toys and will perfect her play techniques before she utilizes them on her sub.

If she is not familiar with a toy or technique she will not experiment!  Instead, she will study and learn the proper way to play and the proper techniques to use.

She is always about safety first, and will never do anything to a submissive that she wouldn’t allow done to herself.

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5)  Love and compassion good Mistress, even though stern and tough, dominates with love and compassion for her sub.  She cares about her subs.

A good Mistress cares about her family and friends.  She will always set aside her needs to respond to the needs of others. She is compassionate and caring.

She is not narcissistic and does not have the illusion that the entire world revolves around her.

She may be your Mistress, Goddess or Princess, and you may put her on a pedestal, as you should.  But a good Mistress will never disrespect you as a human, or take advantage of your submissive nature.

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6) respectful good Mistress, first and foremost, respects herself and others, and will always strive to project herself in the best possible image to her subs.

But, she also demands that respect from her subs.   Under no circumstance can you expect to disrespect your mistress without due consequences.

A Mistress and a submissive have a special bond and relationship, and respect is the key component.

7)consistency best Mistress is one that is always consistent and concise in her instructions, requests, and assignments.

She will discuss your assignments, and never give you a task that is undoable or unrealistic.  When she gives a command it will not be conflicting or confusing.

She is fastidious and firm in her directions, and will never falter or waiver when she is faced with difficult situations or scenarios.

And remember, you can expect equal punishment for equal offences, but on the other hand you can expect equal rewards when you please your Mistress.

She will not be your Mistress one day and your Porn Star lover the next.  Once your Mistress, always your mistress, until that bond is broken or amended.

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8) clarity good Mistress is clear and concise, and very thorough in her session.   There will be no interruptions or distractions in the session.

The session will be discussed, and then expertly executed from start to finish with either an agreed-upon release or simply a denial.  You are there to please you, Mistress……is that clear?

9Safety Above and Beyond all else safety is number one!  A good Mistress will never hurt or harm her sub in a mean or malicious way.

Pain to pleasure does not mean the sub needs medical attention after the session.  A good Mistress is aware that she can easily hurt or damage a sub, whether it be physically or mentally, and this is not my intent.

Please do not ask me to do, or orchestrate harmful acts of domination.

BDSM is in the realm of power exchange, not unrepairable damage. Keep up to date with all of our procedures, & information on our BDSM chat page

10Communication A good Mistress will always have open lines of communication and a safe word with her subs.  She speaks and carefully chooses her words and commands, and will always give her commands in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner.

A good mistress speaks her mind, means what she says and says what she means.  There is no room for perplexity or confusion.

Don’t expect your Mistress to rant and rave as this uses negative energy, and energy is better used in crafting something positive.  And last but not least, I am a Mistress, not a mind reader.

If there is something you would like to discuss, please come forward.

There is nothing worse than a sub who states he has no boundaries when in all actuality, he has no idea of what he is seeking in a Mistress or a session.  I am open, understanding and compassionate to the needs of my subs, but communication is the key!

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So those are the 10 best qualities for a Mistress to have. When selecting your Dominatrix to serve, it is important to check she actually knows what he is doing. Far too many women think femdom is easy, and all that is required is to be a ballbusting man-hater who ties a man to a cross and kicks him in the balls when in actual fact the truth is that BDSM and female domination is a far more complex and intricate being. A Mistress must possess the qualities above. She must be able to adapt to each individual slave.

All slaves are different and no two sessions will ever be the same. Many people who don’t understand BDSM assume the Domme just does what she wants and the slave accepts it. In actual fact, the slave controls what happens since all sessions are built around what he is into. He is also placing an immense amount of trust in this woman, and this should not be taken lightly. It is vitally important that all the qualities listed above are adhered to and followed to ensure adequate safety for all parties involved.