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Are you looking to serve? A dominatrix to humiliate and control you? A Goddess who will make you tremble with just a look? A Queen to submit to who is better than you in every conceivable way? Then read on, because this is the last stop you will need to make on your hunt.

There are two ways in which to submit to the superior sex. The first is via a real-time femdom session. This isn’t always possible due to geography (as in maybe there are none near you or at least one which fits your ideal Mistress), not to mention the fact that being in the presence of such a powerful woman can render a submissive male incapable of moving. The second, and arguably better, the way is by using online Mistress cams.

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Hundreds of Dommes reside on this very site, and they are all experts in every manner of femdom activities. There is nothing that can be done in real-time that can’t transfer over to an online session.

You could spend ages researching different sites and looking at differing data but the only thing you need to know is that this site here has THEE very best Dominas on the internet, hands down.

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Every single Dominatrix has the experience and expertise to take whatever area od s and m it is that interests you and mould a session around it. If you have a fantasy about strict severe women wearing  a strapon ready to bend you over and make you their bitch then the strapon cams section would be one I’d suggest you check out

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You might think cam domination is limited in what it offers, and even that it is an inferior product to a real-time session. Not true. In fact, it can actually be better since you are not in her presence and not in awe as her personality overpowers you. Also, a webcam session is done from the comfort of your own home and therefore you are a lot more relaxed and able to “let go” and get the most from your session.

Many acts are simple to do in a BDSM webcam session. Verbal degradation for example. She can call you names, berate you, laugh at you and insult you all the time. This is also true for small penis humiliation as she can see your tiny little non dick and call you maggot dick, micropenis, tiny cock and laugh and point at it as you squirm with embarrassment.

Physical acts such as cock and ball torture need a little more imagination but are still perfectly possible. By using the free femdom cams chat option you can tell her what props you have to use. You do not need specialised cbt equipment either. Ordinary household objects such as rubber bands, wooden spoons, rulers, chilli powder or toothpaste are all perfect for use.

She can then direct you on how to use them on yourself and since you don’t have a choice but to obey, it is exactly the same as in a real-life session. Better in fact, since she isn’t doing it personally but getting you to do it to yourself! Spanking, caning and getting the belt are the same principle, as is receiving the tawse.

Roleplay Is Always Popular on Our Dominatrix Cams

Roleplay is also a good act for your live femdom webcams session since it lets you “be someone else” and this helps you to let go easier. Scenarios such as the cruel cop who catches you speeding, the bitchy secretary who controls her boss, the cruel wife cuckolding her subby hubby or the bitchy supervisor who bullies you. Fantasy roleplay scenarios on cam is a great way to have a BDSM session and step out of yourself and become a different character.

Looking for more ideas? Then check out the BDSM chatrooms for more Kinky Ideas & Cam slave Training

Other acts include forced feminisation where she can force you to wear sissy panties, stockings, skirts, bras, a wig and makeup, Online chastity keyholding where she will lock your cock in a cage secured by a number locked padlock to which only she has the combination and makes you beg for an orgasm. This is only a very small part of what you can expect in our Mistress webcam rooms, with humiliation ideas, domination ideas and all sorts of fetish play.

Anal training where she will make you fuck your tight ass with bigger and bigger dildos in preparation for pimping you out to horny men, Boot and/or foot worship where she will put her boots or feet right up to the cam and make you worship them as she towers over you and face slapping where she will force you to slap yourself harder and harder in the face as she berates you and yells at you. In short, anything is possible to do.

So welcome into our submissive chats where we will direct and begin your online cam slave training and take your life into a whole new journey, where there will only ever be one winner and it won’t be you. We thrive on ripping our cam slaves a new one, making them beg, plead and bleed, we crack the cane and make you dance, we degrade emasculate and humiliate you all in our live webcam shows.

All subs have a fantasy Dominatrix that they wish to submit too. It can be a blonde, a redhead, a teenager (18+), a mature milf, a BBW, a black amazon domina, an Asian Mistress, a biker chick or even a shemale.

She might be busty, flat-chested, tattooed or any other type of woman you can think of. Well luckily for you, no matter what your fantast Domme looks like, there is your perfect match on here. Every conceivable type of Dominatrix is live on this site for your selection.

Whether you are a newbie who is tentative about stepping into the femdom arena or an experienced slave who is looking to try something different, live BDSM webcams are the place for you. A no holds barred, uncensored and totally 1 to 1 experience with a dominant woman who will make you her bitch and turn you into a quivering jellyfish with just an icy stare and have you on your knees, kissing her feet with just a click of her fingers.

So what’s the delay? Join this site now and prepare for a journey into female domination that you could never imagine in your wildest dreams

So what happens in Dominatrix cam session?

We have listed below some of the types of online femdom cams shows we do, every day, from the more popular to the least popular. We cover every area of BDSM, fetish & kink


These are just a small selection of the more popular requests we get on webcam, we also enjoy slave contracts, chastity training & keyholding, bondage &discipline, cuckold fantasy humiliation, faggot domination

We train all of our sissy girls to be good little cum eaters and cock suckers.

Fantasy Versus Reality – Listen to our audio

There are dozens of Mistress cam Dommes online right now and each one is more than ready to take your journey into female domination to levels you never thought possible.

Each Dominatrix has the skillset and experience to adapt to any and all scenarios you want to have. There is so much involved in any femdom session that you need a Goddess who can hit the ground running when you enter the private BDSM cams room. You want to be controlled and dominated right from the start and not have to spend ages beforehand (or even worse, do it during the session) explaining what you want and how to do it. You want someone who can take your initial desire and then pick up on it.

Each and all of the live Dommes here are perfectly capable of doing that. They can listen to even a brief outline of what you are into and what you like and then they are able to put their own mark on it and give you exactly what it is you are after.

So what are you waiting on? There is a Mistress waiting on you now and she is ready to control, dominate, humiliate and degrade you, just as you deserve.