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So are you a prissy little sub who dresses up in pretty little pink baby doll outfits, french maid dresses and slutty little mini skirts and stockings? Well, then you need a good dose of old-fashioned domination from a superior woman who loves to degrade sissies and sluts.

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They love to humiliate and degrade pathetic sissy girls and nothing makes them happier than when they have one scurrying around on high heels with her knickers flashing and desperately trying to appease for being so useless.


There are dozens of dommes online at this live femdom cams site and each one is an expert in the art of sissification and they love to have guys come to their private room and be all dressed in a little sissy outfit of stockings, suspenders, little strappy high heel shoes, a little short frilly dress, frilly panties and a nice cute pair of silk gloves.

Make up all done and ready to serve and be humiliated for their Mistresses amusement.
And the makeup should be plastered on with a trowel. All sissies should have embarrassing make up of thick, cheap mascara, bright clown red lipstick, orange fake tan and blusher so thick it could stop a bullet.

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For added humiliation, you should also have a skirt or dress so short that it shows off your slutty knickers to let all the horny guys know that you are open for business and ready to be bent over the table and to have your slutty ass filled with hard cock and thick cum.

Dealing with sissys is every online female dominants favourite kind of session because she has to do very little and YOU do all the work. Skype cam girls here

She will issue humiliating orders and tasks that you will be expected to perform without question. More BDSM chat  live right here

Get yourself into a fem-dom webcams site now bitch,and prepare to have burning cheeks

We enjoy tormenting sissies online and we do it well to laugh at them as we dress them up like bimbo girls and parade them around for the world to laugh at them and verbally abuse them.

This is what dirty little cum dump females deserve. To be trained to be the dirty little cuck that they truly are. To be used.

Degraded, laughed at and abused by strict females who enjoy every aspect of domination in an online setting


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No matter what type of prissy bitch you are you can be assured we have a cruel female waiting in the wings ready to pounce and make your life a misery, from cum eating instructions, to perfect cock sucking, not forgetting she will send you out as a sex slave to make money for her.

These cruel females enjoy dressing wimps like you up and making them look as slutty as possible, pimping them out and making sure everyone has a shot of using their ass and mouth.

You are our little bitches, our sluts, maids & girlies, we can do whatever we want with you and humiliating you is always at the top of our list.

Are you ready to follow these instructions?

If you are ready to begin your online humiliation cam session then step inside and introduce yourself to us, but please ensure you are dressed and have plenty of toys, lube and extra panties to play with.

Grab they little panties and let’s get going slut, it’s time for some public humiliation on our webcam.

We will take pictures, & videos of you to show the world, we will add them to all of our blogs and sites to let everyone see what a dirty little slut you have become, your job is always to please your Mistress on webcam.

Read our Sissy Rules Before entering our Live Cams

  • You must always be dressed & Ready to serve Mistress
  • No eye contact unless you ask permission and if you don’t you have failed
  • Clean toilet bowl every day with tongue – Make it shine
  • Always #shinelikeasissy
  • Have mouth open at all times ready to take cock or cum
  • Be ready to always Be Mistresses Toilet
  • Always ensure you have your stockings on straight
  • Do not speak to  anyone unless we have given permission
  • Lipstick must always be on and glossed
  • Household tasks will be given every day & you must complete them all
  • Be ready with mouth open to take cum loads as & when required
  • Make sure that ass is always in the right permission for Mistresses Strapon or for her Boyfriends to use.
  • Work on the shemale cams site – Make Money For Your Dominatrix
  • We may use you as an ashtray or furniture
  • Keep Our blogs up to date
  • Show Mistress your diary every day
  • Always call me Miss, Never ever call me by name. You do not have that privilege EVER
  • Interact with some of my other sissies so you can have group sex   – Pictures & videos will always be taken
  • Always be on time to any session

These are just some of our rules when in a session with us, but please note this list gets added to on a daily basis, so always make sure to read it before even visiting us.

We will test you on this list and if you get it wrong you will be named & shame on all of our blogs and websites. You won’t ever escape our clutches.

We will want you to have a butt plug in your ass at all times unless otherwise stated and also to sign a sissy contract handing over your life as you once knew it to your new owner.

These are the best domination webcams online with female dominants who know exactly what buttons to press to get what they want from weak unsuspecting whores like you.

There is no shortage of dommes available right now who will have no problem what so ever in totally degrading and humiliating you just as you deserve. They are experts with zero compassion to the pain or humiliation they put you through. As long as they are entertained that is all they care about.

Forcing you to put custard or jello down your knickers, plaster your make up on, get on your knees and simulate giving a blow job, shake your slutty ass to attract punters or dance like a brazen hussy. These are just a few of the degrading things that await you in a humiliation femdom cam session. Anything goes and the cruel, twisted and sadistic imagination of these pro-dommes knows no bounds and is capable of inflicting things on you that will make you go “what the hell just happened?”

So what are you waiting for? A sissy cams Dominatrix is online right now and she can not wait to get her hands on you and her claws into you in order to totally and utterly humiliate you. Get signed up now and do not keep her waiting.