Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation Cams

Do you have a tiny 2-inch cock? Do woman laugh at you when you take your clothes off? Get ready to be verbally abused in our small penis humiliation cams rooms.

Is your dick hidden and microscopic? If so then your no use to a woman. You know it and so do they. That’s why you can’t get women to sleep with you.

But as a dominatrix on live femdom cams I do have a use for you. To be my toy. Whenever I need cheering up or to release some frustration I can just ridicule your little 2-inch pecker. sph webcam is all your good for anyway.

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I love having a fat, balding idiot stand in front of me as I rip his “manhood” to shreds and shower him with insults and ridicule right there while I force him to stand and listen to it all

Watching him stand there, taking all the abuse because its the only time a gorgeous Goddess like me would even give him the time of day, and seeing him shake and tremble as my words cut him like a hot knife through butter is very empowering.

And the ultimate feeling of superiority for me is when this same idiot bursts out crying. “Oh……Mistress(sob sob) I……Cant…(sob)………(sob sob)……it”.

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small penis humiliation


I work on femdom cams online. I am a superior Goddess who doesn’t give a toss about your feelings. I will ridicule you and rip your confidence to shreds and leave you a fat blubbering mess.

Nothing will make me laugh harder than forcing you to measure your cock against a chipolata sausage or a lighter. Seeing how much bigger they are than you will almost make me wet myself!

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The most common form of Humiliation On Cam

If your a 2 stroke joke then small penis humiliation webcam is the best you can hope for with a woman like me.

You’re only any good to me for a plaything to insult or abuse. So stop wanking with your two fingers and enter my domination arena where I can make some use out of you.

This is perhaps the most common of all humiliation, fetishes and femdom fantasies.

Having their male equipment ruthlessly mocked and ridiculed by a dominant woman can be a powerful turn-on for most submissive men.

Of all the different areas of femdom that there are, there is perhaps one which not only joins on to all the others by way of a mixin, it is also the most popular from which to make a submissive male feel inadequate, inferior and useless.

All traits a dominatrix looks to bestow in a slave! It is SPH for short. Think about it. Men like to think they are super lovers and that they all have big cocks.

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So what better way to make a man feel embarrassed than to have a gorgeous, dominant woman who he lusts after tell him that neither she nor any woman will ever sleep with him and that his cock is too small and useless.

With small dick, the humiliation our Dommes will verbally berate the slave’s cock, about its size, how ugly it is and how women must piss themselves laughing when they see it and that cuckold humiliation is too good for you

For guys who are into small penis humiliation and cock mock, this is a very very powerful turn on and they get off on this beautiful woman telling them how useless their penis is.

We always laugh our asses off at stupid little dick losers online  because they are a 2-inch joke, a 2-second stroke, a blink and its gone and well it makes us giggle cause we know how desperate you are to try and get us to talk to you

Perhaps you are a little sissy Girl – You need proper sissy humiliation on cams with a mean, dominant femdom

As I’ve already said, small cock usually runs hand in hand with other areas of female domination.

This might be cbt or chastity training or even strap-on training, where the Mistress will say “No cock, may as well fuck you like a girl”. But the small cock is by far the most popular and easiest for a Mistress online to deal with.

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But you need to choose the right type of person for this. Plenty of cam girls say they deal with this and BDSM but they think this involves telling a guy his cock is small and tiny and that he cant satisfy women.

If you are ready to enter our small penis humiliation cams area then be sure to bring a measuring tape so we can measure and laugh at it.

This is fine for about 15 seconds but once this has been said, there is really only so many times it can be rehashed without sounding repetitive.

Go to a specialized site and you will find true cock mock queens who think outside the box and can spend hours berating your penis size without repeating themselves more than once.

THAT is the type of fetish cam mistress you want to have an online BDSM session with. One who can turn you on but make you feel hopelessly inadequate at the same time.

If you are ready to be humiliated and brought down a peg or two and you have very thick skin then be sure to check out out ruthless women who really do not care about you or your pathetic little feelings they just want to rip you a new one and laugh at you as this is exactly what you deserve.

Little pin dicks are never accepted by real women

And if you really like sph then you can go here to the Dommes profile and view a quick video of the treatment you can expect.

We have the very best small cock domination webcam shows on our site, we know how to hit that nerve and make you feel like the loser you truly are.

We won’t hold back, forcing you into panties and telling you to rub your little clitty as we laugh and spit at you. Our small penis humiliation cams are for little dick losers who need verbal degradation live.

Perhaps we will take some pictures like the ones added on this page already, perhaps we will video you and add them to the page on the loser list where you truly belong.

Understand 1 thing little dick, you will never ever make a woman feel satisfied, she will talk about you to all of her friends and share the pictures so they can all laugh and giggle at how pathetic you really are.

The little Penis Pictures – Gallery Of Shame

Pictures of some of our little dick losers, they need to be put on this page for everyone to see, what us Mistresses have to put up with when these little dick losers enter our video chat, from Micro dicks to tiny dicks to 3-inch jokes, we see them all every day.


I mean look at you. I bet you are sitting there right now stroking your micro dick with two fingers and getting off to the thought of a gorgeous, hot babe ridiculing your cock. You are, aren’t you? You’re pathetic. Real men jerk off to porn or get a real live woman to do it for them or have her suck their cock but not you. The only time you can get a good looking woman (or any woman for that matter) to give you any sort of attention is when she is abusing or berating you.

You already know this but women don’t want you. They don’t want a guy with an itty bitty shrimp dick. Size doesn’t matter is just something loser males came up with to make themselves feel better. Size DOES matter, and since you don’t have any then you are insignificant and no use to a woman.

There are hundreds of size Queens online right now at this femdom webcam site and they are live and ready to fuck with your self-esteem till you are in no doubt of just how useless you really are