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Smoking cams Live girls. Females who smoke and love to do it to satisfy the fetish cravings of horny guys like you.
Run a poll to find the most popular fetish in the world and within the top three every single time will be women smoking.


Watching gorgeous women smoking a cigarette or cigar is a huge turn on and one of those fetishes that if you have it, seeing it will make your mind focus on nothing else and all you want to do is whip your cock out and start jerking off while enjoying the sight.

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That is not always possible though, so what is the answer. Well, seeing women smoking on live webcams is the obvious choice! On these sites, there are hundreds of fetish models who smoke and who love to do it online for horny guys to see, drool and wank over.


No matter what your dream woman is, be she teenage (18+), co-ed, milf, cougar, granny, black, white, Asian, BBW, skinny, tattooed, goth, blonde, redhead, you name it, there is your ideal lady on here right now and ready to give you the time of your life by letting you watch her smoking her cigs.


Whilst staring at female smoking in the mall or outside an office block will get you called a pervert or receive a slap in the face, the girls on webcam will not only let you watch them but actually love it when you do!

They love to see how turned on you get and how much of a good time you are having. They are live and online for the sole purpose of giving men like you exactly what they crave and are missing out on

Just imagine that instead of having to sit and try to see out of the corner of your eye a girl puffing away on a ciggie you could sit and have a full-on, uncensored, unhindered and unrestricted view of it instead.

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Well, that fantasy is a reality thanks to these smoking cam girls.

Picture her taking a cigarette out of the packet and putting it between her bright red lips. Flicking her lighter, she bends her head to the flame and her cheeks purse inwards as she sucks on that fag and the tip glows bright orange as it catches. Then she takes it between her perfectly manicured fingers and with an ever so soft “pop” she will hold it away from her face, purse her lips and softly blow all that sweet sweet smoke directly at you.

Then she comes back in and puts her ciggy back in her mouth and takes another purposefully long drag on it before looking at you and blowing another billow of smoke at you, engulfing your screen. By now your dick will most likely be throbbing and rock solid and this is where the good stuff happens because instead of having to try to hide it and sneak off somewhere to try to have a wank with the images still in your head, now you get to jerk off whilst staring right at them live!


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Drag after drag and puff after puff, you will not be able to tear your eyes away from the screen as you take in the sight of her and her cig or cigar till she picks up her ashtray and casually flicks the spent ash into it. Then when she has finished she will stub it out and squish it into her ashtray and give you a close-up shot of it.


No matter what part of a smoking fetish you have, these females will focus on it for your pleasure. If you like one specific area, use the free cams chat option and you can ask for this without having to spend any money. This free option is also good as it allows you to check your chosen female actually smokes as not all girls online do.

You can see chicks smoking cigarettes, puffing on big fat cigars or using the long handle cigarette holders. These ladies are here for you and can cover everything you might ask for. Nothing is off-limits and anything goes so all you need to do is ask and you can have pretty much any fantasy you want to be put right there on your screen.

Maybe the idea of a Mistress smoking as she teases you and blows smoke on your throbbing cock gets you going. If so there are plenty of femdom Mistress Dominas on here who will gladly light up and then smoke whilst dominating you.


There are hundreds of sexy women of all ages, shapes and sizes from all four corners of the globe on this site so why risk getting caught out in public? From the safety and comfort of your own home, you can watch the woman of your dreams sucking on a fag and blowing the smoke right at you.

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