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Teamviewer Cams Chat With Mistress – Time to be Controlled

For those who want to be controlled by a superior, dominant woman and use a live femdom cams website to do so, the ultimate hand over of power is right here. Ever heard of the ability to have control of someone’s computer remotely? If not then read on…

What is it?

Teamviewer is an app for your computer where you set a password and your computer can be controlled by someone else remotely from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you read that correctly. Once you hand over the password, she will have total access to your computer.

Enter this site and you will find dozens of dominatrix phone sex online hosts who all have a submissive slave’s worst nightmare installed on their own computers ready to go.

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It takes a special type of sub to go down this route but if you do it will make for a female domination session that will leave you breathless and sweating

When you have entered the private chat of the Mistress you wish to serve, enter the password and you are ready to go.
Just imagine being ordered to sit on your hands or tie your hands behind your back and then watch as the screen goes white and the curser begins to move as if all on its own.

She will be able to take her time and find all your little hiding places. All the pictures you have saved, your browsing history, access to all your social media accounts, your friends list, contacts, hell even your financial online banking. You name it, your Teamviewer mistress has access to it.

As you sit there, desperate to move and end the connection but knowing you cant and must sit and let her do as she wants, your heart will be beating so fast you will think it’s going to jump right out of your chest.

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As she clicks on that interesting folder you have entitled “Femdom situations” or “Mistresses” and clicks them to see what dirty pictures you have been saving.

Scrolling through them at her leisure, she will enjoy making you squirm as she zooms in and comments on them, laughing at you and making you feel humiliated as she discovers your porn collection.

blackmail mistress

For slaves into blackmail, Teamviewer is ideal as it allows your Domme to get your contact list without having to ask you for the details and can sit and take screenshots of all your friends and families contact details. Now she really has you by the balls and can make you do anything she wants.

Financial Slaves

Financial slaves these types of Mistresses as it lets them take money directly out of your account to the tune of an amount that they see fit. Just imagine seeing your account being drained right in front of you as you sit helplessly watching.

Or maybe she will log in to your Amazon account, change your address to her PO number and then send herself a nice expensive gift card.

One of the biggest advantages for online Mistress cams hosts is that when they have control of your computer they can log into your chosen femdom webcam account and leave themselves 5-star reviews and tip themselves obscene amounts.

Maybe they will jack up their price, enter from your account then let it run your credit card up as she browses your computer?

blackmail teamviwer femdom

Giving your Mistress full control of your PC is a huge thrill that can’t be equalled but it is a nerve-wracking time for a loser like you as well.

What will she find?

Will she look at your browsing history and see all the porn sites you have been visiting?

You can be sure she will laugh at you for them, and ridicule you as you sit there. Maybe she will click the link and make your comment on each site and giggle as your cheeks glow red with shame

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For the ultimate in control, maybe she will go ahead and add spyware onto your pc, or a key logger.

This lets her keep tabs on you at all times and even if you go ahead and change your passwords, she can still have them as they will be sent to her automatically and since she is much, much smarter and cleverer than you she will be able to hide these files where you will never find them.

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The possibilities for a femdom cams session when using this app are endless. She can do absolutely anything she wants with your laptop or PC and they won’t be a damn thing you can do about it.

There are hundreds of mean bitches online right now who all love using their app for 2 reasons.

First, they enjoy watching you squirm as they browse through your computer and secondly, the thrill of having full and total control over a worthless male like you and having the power to totally ruin his life is just too big to pass up!

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So are you ready to feel humiliated at these Mistresses hands? They will access all of your personal details and pay themselves handsomely on your dime.

Once they have taken control of your computer/ tablet the world of financial domination & blackmail fantasy kick in

Our dominatrix cams section is always buzzing with members waiting to submit to their new superiors, ready to serve and be acknowledged, desperate to be part of the Mistresses stable of loser pets.

Will she take away any benefits you ever had? Will she just continue to humiliate, degrade and laugh in your face? Once she has her clutches into you the rest is history.

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Of all the ways that you can be controlled and abused in a female domination scenario, this is probably one of the most heart-stopping. Having her with complete and total access to your computer and able to see everything, leaving you no privacy or hiding place, is as owned as you can be.

There is also the possibility of her accessing your social media and posting on there or contacting people on your friend’s list. She probably won’t, but just to have her in that area at all will have you sweating buckets and your heart beating so fast you will think it’s about to explode.

There is nothing you can do to stop her rummaging around your files and pictures when she is using TeamViewer with you. It’s literally what it was invented for. It is impossible to describe the fear and excitement that you will feel but if you like total control and of feeling powerless against the real possibility of your life being totally ruined then this is the area of BDSM for you.

There is a TeamViewer mistress online for you right now, just itching to have the ultimate control over you.